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Personal Protective Equipment

PPE / Personal Protective Equipment

KDH Safety offers a full range of protective PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that is needed to meet national and international safety regulations, keeping your biggest asset, your staff, protected in the workplace.

Top quality PPE at distributor pricing… that’s not easy to beat!

As one of the best suppliers, our top selling products include Safety Clothing, Nitrile, Rubber, Kevlar and Cut Resistant Gloves.

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  1. Eye Protection
  2. Ear Protection
  3. Face Protection
  4. Hand Protection
  5. Head Protection
  6. Respiratory Protection
  7. Safety Clothing

Eye Protection

We supply a variety of SABS approved Eye Protection equipment for all welding, industrial and non-industrial use including a wide selection of spectacles, goggles, glasses and masks.

Ear Protection

Ear protection is standard within areas of extreme noise.
Gradual deterioration within the ear can occur over extended periods of time, making it essential with options of both disposable and non-disposable ear protection products.

Face Protection

KDH Safety Wear division offers comfortable, quality products for all face protection requirements according to the SABS standards of approval.

Hand Protection

KDH Safety Wear division supplies full hand protection gear from hand shields, gloves to elbow protection.
Available features include: cotton, coated, dipped, leather, cut resistant, fire and chemical resistant, nitrile, kevlar, rubber.

Head Protection

For sectors such as the construction and maritime industry, head protection is the first and foremost form of protection in the work place.
All industry needs and standards are covered by KDH Group's excellent head wear product selection.

Respiratory Protection

KDH Safety Wear offer various breathing apparatus and respiratory protection devices according to SABS standards and international regulations.
Industrial, chemical and non-industrial options available.

Safety Clothing

Visit our Safety Wear page.