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Corporate Wear

The KDH Corporate Wear division has a sophisticated, elegant clothing range for business executives, providing management and executives with a clean, classic look.

As one of the best suppliers we carry a full range of Corporate Clothing & Office Uniforms.

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  1. Blouses/Lounge Shirts
  2. Dresses/Skirts
  3. Jackets/Blazers
  4. Knit Wear
  5. Pants/Trousers
  6. Waistcoats
  7. Footwear

Blouses & Lounge Shirts

The KDH Corporate range offers blouses and lounge shirts for professional uniformity for all customer relationship and executive employees.

Dresses / Skirts

Empower your female executives by adding femininity to the corporate environment with our selectively chic range of dresses and skirts.

Jackets / Blazers

Maintain that corporate elegance, even in cold weather, with our corporate jackets and blazers.

Knit Wear

KDH Group's Corporate range of knitwear offers not only warmth but style for the winter months, keeping executives priority driven and not hampered by the cold.

Pants / Trousers

Complete your corporate look with many trendy and flattering options for both men’s and ladies, in our corporate pants and trousers range.


Add a classic look to your silver service, or executive staff with a waist coat.
Mens and ladies options available.


Designer footwear for the everyday executive. Exclusive range available.